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The App developed for Hoteliers by Hoteliers

Simplify your hotel's HR processes & help your business stay ahead of competition. TheFrontBest App and HR model are designed for Hoteliers by Hoteliers to ensure your guests a superior experience. 

HR Performance Booster crafted by hoteliers for hoteliers

TheFrontBest by KaizenHotels enables the hotel management to optimize staff engagement and empowerment. Our digital handbook will align the hotel's know-how throughout the staff and also thanks to the quiz module staff onboarding will never have been so fluent and efficient. The team will be motivated in achieving preset objectives with our user friendly meritocracy point-based system. With our task manager, members in the team can assign individual or group task.


staff engagement


staff turnover


customer complaints


cross selling


brand reputation


Torben Verbeek, Front Desk

Margherita Scillia, Front Desk

Danilo Leoni, Front Desk

Cecilia Villegas, Housekeeping


Define the standard procedures of your hotel


Check that the team has understood the procedures thanks to quizzes


Approve proposals for improvements suggested by your staff


Create your staff incentive program by rewarding performing staff


Assign tasks, set a deadline and much more!

Find out if FrontBest suites your needs

Request feedback on the degree of development of your HR Management model in just 60 seconds.

1. Answer 7 simple questions

On the management and organization status of your hotel.

2. Get feedback within 24 hours

Following an analysis by our team.

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To deepen and overcome the weaknesses of your structure.

1. How many years have you worked in hotel?
2. Select all situations that occur at least once a week in the hotel
3. Check the boxes if the aspects have occurred multiple times (at least 5) in 2021
4. Think about the last 5 calls you had with your receptionist when you were not present at the hotel. In these calls, did you have to give indications at least once on procedures that can be standardized?
5. If you have selected answers in the previous 3 questions, please express the level of annoyance you felt when those situations occurred. 1 is not at all while 10 is a lot of annoyance / frustration / stress
0 10 50
6. How is the staff trained in your hotel? Select one or more answers.
7. In your classic work routine which of the following feelings most represents your reality?
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